Sunday, July 3, 2011

English is important!

salam and goodnight...
for a long time i didn't wrote anything in my blog.. and don't be suprise as i am using english in my writing as you can see my post title is "english is important" i just realized it recently as my course goes on..
for 6 weeks i will be joining this communication skills course and this course language is in english
 ok now you see why english is important.. see the above paragraph? contain lots of grammatical mistake.. and i am sad for that.. i've already taken my MUET on 2007.. and i got band 4.. which is not that bad.. and now i cant speak english fluently..

ok wont talk much on this post.. i just realized that it is damn much important for us to speak in english frequently to ensure our well performance on english communication skill..

ok i know this post is boring.. but i am so sad just to think my EL is worsen.

bye and goodnight

*entri khas berbahasa inggeris untuk hari ini sahaja*


  1. it's ok...practice makes perfect...:)

  2. Ya, macam si Afen cakap di atas, practice makes perfect. Sama-sama kita practice. Saya pun fail ni kalau speaking EL. =.=

    # dari sabahan, untuk sabahan #